How To Wear A Tie Slide

Posted: Nov 27 2016


We have witnessed a resurgence in the popularity of the tie slide which has traditionally been a classic menswear accessory. A tie slide is a small detail that can have a big impact on a look. Here’s how to wear it properly.

Purpose: Not only does a tie serve as a fantastic looking accessory it also serves a purpose by keeping your tie fastened to the placket of your shirt. It sounds obvious, but there is nothing to be achieved by attaching it only to a tie and simply left to swing in the breeze.

Styles: Tie slides come in two styles: pinch clasp and slide clasp. In general, I prefer a pinch clasp as I find it holds the tie more securely and stays in place better but this is entirely the wearers preference.

Size: A tie slide should never be wider than your tie. It should range in size between one inch and the width of your tie. 3/4 the width of the tie is just about perfect.

Placement: A good rule of thumb is to fasten the tie slide between your third and fourth buttons.

Detail: Just before fastening the tie slide, pull your tie upward to blouse it slightly. This will add a nice bit of depth and visual appeal and will also keep you from feeling constricted or like the tie slide is holding you in place.

Angle: Always wear the tie slide perpendicular to your tie; never at an angle.

Colour: You can’t go wrong with silver. It’s classic, matches almost anything, and looks great on everyone. As with most menswear details, a tie bar should be an accent, not the topic of conversation.

Bonus Tip: If you are going to wear a tie slide along with a waistcoat it should only be worn with a lower cut double breasted waistcoat as per our picture, if worn with a more traditional higher cut of waistcoat it will not sit properly.

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